I see you conceal dark circles
And apply your mascara,
I hear you silence your sniffles
With pillow every night,
I see you cover with henna
The bruises on your arms,
But I know, oh mother
Who the knight Is In the battle.

He calls you names like lousy
Scarring you with his venom,
And he claims he does love you
Body and soul, fist and punches,
You take his storm and thunder
Shielding us under the weather,
Love and mercy go hand in hand
And his is just one sided.

He exposes your errors
Shaming you even in public,
And you shrink with every word
Antagonizing your existence,
And your kids are your solace
To us, you are a temple,
You’ve been fighting this battle
We say- it’s time you retire.

He can’t hurt you anymore
For your kids will be your armor,
And the patience you practiced
From your lord will be your reward,
Take one step into the pathway
There’s a whole world beyond this,
It is time to break the shackles
And step into liberation.

49 thoughts on “Liberation-

  1. Reblogged this on TheKingsKidChronicles and commented:
    A poem of hope for abused women. God loves you and His plan for you is to be treated with love, grace, mercy, and respect. Scripture says wives are to obey their husbands, but it also says a husband is to love his wife the same way Christ loves the church. Jesus never abused anyone. No one deserves to be abused.

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  2. Stark, real, powerful and filled with empathy. This is great writing and you leave a great message – walk away toowards liberation for it really is the only way.

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  3. Beautiful poem, Sad but empowering. I’m glad the mother has her kids to stand up their father now. I hope she can be happy without bruises and without fear for herself. Great writing Ameena.

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    1. It is such a sad occurrence and some of the women don’t even realize it is indeed “abuse”. I am glad to hear the woman is free. No Stacy, abuse is just one of those things I have zero tolerance to.

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  4. We can’t say this enough, loud and clear, any way we can communicate it. My eyes fill with tears each time I read another post about domestic abuse–I’ve been there, and got out, but the heart scars remain painful. Thank you for saying it once again–God bless you.

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  5. When kids get older they protect their moms from the big bad wolfs. Hopefully the bruiser is permanently gone. I feel her agony through your words, it feels like the pain is there for her but she brushes it aside.


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