Writer’s Quote: Meredith Gray

Writer’s Quote: Meredith Gray


Humans have a tendency to want to give up when the doors are closing and it seems like the roof is caving in. This tendency culminates into some people actually giving up and the others deciding to try just once more. Not everyone who tries again is going to achieve their desired goal. The difference between those who tried yet again and those who didn’t is, for the latter, it’s always going to be at the back of their mind like a nightmare which refuses to back away, the question- what would life had been like if they had given it one more shot. And the answer is, they’d never know.

Rejection is bad, but regrets, they can eat at the soul. This doesn’t mean that I’ve never ran through the slit opening of a door when I realized it was closing; trust me, I have had my fair share of running, giving up and regretting. But, I’m working at making that attitude a thing of the past. Will it be easy? Absolutely not, but I have a feeling I’d go to bed feeling much better knowing I gave it one more shot.

Here’s to writing meaningless sentences till we finally get the inspiration to write the meaningful ones. Here to rhyming words like “the cat sat on a hat” until the rhymes take a world of their own. Here’s to giving our best shots in hopeless situations.

P.S, what are your favorite gray’s anatomy quotes?

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