Mental Health Fridays: Blurring out the stigma

Mental Health Fridays: Blurring out the stigma


Mental Health Fridays is a new feature I have created on this blog. The main aim is to share stories needing to be told at the same time, blurring out the stigma associated with mental illnesses. There are two things I am unashamedly passionate about: the first is writing while the second is mental health advocacy. There’s no greater Joy of mine than to be able to join these two passions together.

It’s been one year since I joined the blogosphere and I figure, what better time to start than now. If you’ve got a mental health story which needs to be told, I would love to hear it. Your submissions could be on:
1) personal mental health journeys
2) loved ones battling mental illnesses
3) losing someone to mental illness
4) an experience related to mental health
5) basically anything that could pass as a mental health category

The important thing here is, let’s get talking and blur out the stigma. But to do this, I need your help. Maya Angleou rightly said, “there is no greater agony tha bearing an untold story”. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you, learning from your stories and coming together to blur out the stigma. If you’ve got any questions, you can leave a comment on this post or send me an email.
                    Can’t wait to hear from you:

58 thoughts on “Mental Health Fridays: Blurring out the stigma

    1. Thank you Georgette. It is extremely difficult and what’s worse is that people still consider it as a taboo topic which isn’t helping matters. Thank you really, I feel it’s the least I can do. 🙂

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  1. Few minutes ago I created blog here about my mental health problems. I will share my story trough posts because nothing is so black and white (at least not with me), and everything need to be written to a single detail. I would like for you to come to my page, read a little and maybe you will find some stuff interesting.
    I come from one small country so stigma is a big part of being mentaly sick. People like to put labels on you and if they label you “crazy” – you will never be able to remove that sticker. I will write about that too. I think my story is so usual and at the same time different and that it is worth telling. I would like to send you an email and answert all of possible question you may have.
    xoxo Dawn

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    1. Hello dawn,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply this post of mine. I believe every story is worth being told and I would love to hear yours and share it too. There is always something to learn from everyone. Sadly, stigma is one the major things hindering mental health, originally from west Africa, I know. I just read your blog and saw your age and diagnosis. I feel there is a lot WE could learn from your story. I’ld be looking forward to your email. You can contact me on:

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    1. Thank you very much. I believe it is about time we talk about it, not try and end the stigma attached to it. Suffering from mental illness doesn’t make us any less humans, I hope people get to see that.

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  2. I’ll email you, Ameena. Then I’ll decide if participating is best for me.

    This is a wonderful educational idea and outreach. When I first read this there weren’t any postings. I see there are some now 🙂 So a start, right?



  3. This is a wonderful idea. My adult children suffer from a variety of mental health issues. I have always encouraged them to be proud of who they are, and not to be embarrassed about their illnesses, but of course that’s not always easy. My daughter in particular is keen to share her story and help educate others, as well as showing people in similar situations that they are not alone: ). Mir xx


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