Of the darkness-

Of the darkness-


I know the darkness is consuming,
And the cracks are fit too tight,
For the golden rays to traverse,
Illuminating whats inside.
I know the smooth road’s more inviting,
Cause you’ve roughed most of your life;
And though seasons change from summer
to winter, the darkness stays constant.

I know these things cause I’ve lived that life,
When dusk and day are alike;
When the tear drops from the heavens above,
Mix with those from your eyes.
When the incessant battle in your head,
Reflects in the black you adorn;
And you bite your tongue each time the words,
I’m fine slips from your mouth.

I know the darkness is consuming,
And the light seems far away;
But I’ve been there and I tell you-
It’s a long journey with spiral corks,
Which in the end, the path will straighten,
Though you doubt that will come true;
But only so much darkness can circle around,
Before inevitably, the light shines through.

The above image is courtesy of Medyafaresi.com