A writer to another-

A writer to another-


You have your love,
I have my darkness,

You pour your heart,
I divulge my soul,

You have your lover,
I have my black dog,

You write of the future,
I disdain my past.

You write of rainbows,
I write of dark clouds

You write in free verse,
I drown in rhymes,

You are a writer,
I write in hiding,

When you’ll write of heartbreaks,
I’ll write of hope.

You bloom under sunbeams,
I strengthen with lightning,

Our swords are the same
Just not our pattern of fighting,

When my clouds dissipates
And you, darkness visits

Here are my words,
To keep you company.

You have your love,
I have my darkness,

We both need each other,
In a world that keeps changing.

The above image is courtesy ofย Tumblr

40 thoughts on “A writer to another-

  1. Like a mirrored self in time with the heartbeats chime, look up in to self reflection to see a stranger regretful painful, plaguing the same veins, trying to relive those thoughts, time and time again exhaling the end of the same old day each doing in our own destructive way. Still all the same though still so far away. This is your destructive sympathy x


  2. Wonderful poem and so mucht ruth in it! Everyone probably has experienced some of both sides and hopefully have learned a bit from each. We do not live in a perfect world, but we can share our joys and sorrows and learn from each other and various experiences.

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  3. So beautiful…you have done a great job with the contradiction between the two scenarios…I’m blown away..and also I must say, the pic looks amazing ๐Ÿ˜Š


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