It’s over at Hargun’s #4

It’s over at Hargun’s #4

It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be interviewed by the wonderful Hargun Wahi. I had the best time, chatting with her and trying to make this work despite time differences.
Below is the interview. Please do check it out 😊


Over at Hargun's

Sat Sri Akal! A warm welcome to all you this chilly winter evening. OAH is finally backΒ  and it’s a girls’ day out this time.

We all in the blogging world know a person through their blog or the interaction with them in the comments section. But many times we form a bond with these people, we often look forward to seeing them in the blogging world and then we realize we have found a great friend! Or else, there may be personalities whose works are a big inspiration to you. Though virtual, these friendships and fan followings are real. And so here’s OAH, where we more than just meet and greet a fellow blogger, we see some unknown aspects of their life and we have loads of fun doing that!

Now, I hope you all are tucked tight in the blankets because if you are not, you just might…

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21 thoughts on “It’s over at Hargun’s #4

  1. Love the interview!! And especially the pictures of you when you were younger! So cute! πŸ™‚ No idea what Bollywood is, but was fun to read about you and loved your interpretation of how it was growing up as the middle child πŸ™‚ And last of all, great story with the Rose!

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    1. Haha,those pictures πŸ˜„. My siblings don’t know I posted it otherwise I would have gotten an earful from them! Bollywood is the Hollywood of Indian movies. I am glad you liked the interview😊

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      1. It should be two or three good ones each year..I’m not a big movie buff to comment on this :p
        Given my schedule and lifestyle,there is little room for movies and its always been like I watch movies that appeal to me at first sight. And of course storyline has a big role to play there.


  2. Awesomeness! I was so glad and happy to know you more and better. Only knew you are a med student. That flash fiction has come up beautifully as well.. πŸ™‚ yayy! This is really cool!


  3. I’ve just finish reading your interview and I must say it is so very engaging. I love seeing your family pics and love the way you have answered the questions. (:


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