Flash Fiction: For a moment…

Flash Fiction: For a moment…


For a while, her ear drums were selectively deaf to the sound of motor tires grazing the gravel roads and the incessant honking by impatient drivers. She watched at a depressing angle, focusing her gaze on the crowd of teenagers playing away their worries. Their worn leather ball being tackled swiftly across the field and red soil swirling above their ankles with each pass.

Their black and coffee colored skins glistened with sweat under the summer sun. She grinned to herself as a bunch of them tried to wipe the salty water streaming down their foreheads while at the same time keeping the ball in check- an act they failed at.

A Black-headed Gull flew past her 3rd floor window, distracting the view in front of her. How easy it was to get carried away by hopeless wishing. She gazed around at the emptiness of her home and said a silent prayer on the kids who unknowingly put a smile on her widowed face every evening.
It was time to shut herself once again to the rest of the world.

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