Society’s Impositions-

Society’s Impositions-


Girls don’t do that,
She was imposed as a child;
Wipe off those tears,
And replace with a smile;
Disheveled head,
Was a sin in their crowds;
Right from her start,
She was trained to disguise.

She mastered the talent,
Of a face behind a smile;
Hid imperfections,
It was a sin in their crowd;
Bottling up emotions,
Was the only way to live;
Hiding her Brains,
Her job was to be pretty.

And with the sun rose,
An actor ready for the part;
And when the night fell,
Her demons-they befriended her;
For the light brought with it,
A part, society had imposed;
And darkness was a relief,
To the face behind the glam.

Girls don’t do that,
They imposed as a child;
And now they wonder,
Why her sheets are soaked at night.

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