Without you-

Without you-


I’ve always wondered
What it would feel like
If one day we awaken and
The sun refused to shine.
If the tree leaves stood ramrod
Without the rhythm of the winds.
If the birds remained in their niches,
And the sky stood empty.

What would it feel like
If all the coffee shops lacked coffee,
(Decaf does not count),
If papers wouldn’t take up poetry,
If silence was the new “pollution”.
And noise became (what’s noise?)

Then you left.
The coffee shops are still stocked
And of course the sun arose.
The tree leaves are dancing,
And the birds going to and fro.
Today.. I know how it feels.

Last month was my blogiversary, and I asked you all to ask any questions you want to be answered. For this month, I’d be posting my blog posts with an answer to a question, so keep an eye out for that.

Question 2 (Jodi) She asks “where does your inspiration for your writing comes from. It is often sad and deep and I worry it is about you.”

Most of the time, I get my inspiration from life. I am not an abstract person, so abstract art and still life art are not my forte. I cant look at an empty cup and easily gain inspiration from that. My inspiration comes from people. 

I am a very inquisitive person, I love to understand people, why they feel the way the do, why they react certain ways. And if i don’t have answers to that, I find that poetry gives me the freedom to create that. It helps me fill in the remaining pictures of a puzzle. And also, the amount tragedy and sadness floating around becomes too much for me to contain at times, and so writing becomes a way of unburdening.
I hope that answers the question.

16 thoughts on “Without you-

  1. This is an amazing poem. The line “if papers wouldn’t take up poetry” was particularly evocative to me because as a writer and a poet, I can’t begin to fathom life without poetry and ink and paper. It all goes hand in hand for me, but it’s also because of that, I can imagine the bleak and dreary world where the sun refuses to shine.

    P.S. I think there is a lot of inspiration to be found in people and the lives each person lives 🙂

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  2. I really connected with your poem and your answer has giving me clarity into my own passion for writing. Some aspects of people and the essence of lived experiences can only be communicated through poems or art. Communicating a feeling or sense of understanding is not expressed easily in day to day language or conversation. Poetry, writing, or other forms of expression are the modalities by which deeper insights get their release.

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