Flash Fiction: Evil eye…

Flash Fiction: Evil eye…


“Hey, that’s enough”, he screamed.
Apparently, I’d been staring at the sunflowers for so long I might as well cast an evil eye on them.
“But they are so pretty”, I retorted. He came and stood between the flowers and I which was preposterous comsidering I towered over him in height.

“I am Sara by the way”. I said
“And I’m Amir. Please lower your gaze.. evil eye”. He pleaded, seeing as I wasn’t budging.
“Okay, okay”, I backed down.

Amir had sterling gray eyes with scruffy blonde hair, of which a few strands fell over his forehead. He wore plaid shirt and grey shorts which were pulled up to his navel. He looked like a cartoon character but in an appealing way.

Want to be friends?” I asked.
“sure” he replied after a pause, “as long as you don’t stare at me the way you do those flowers”
We both laughed.
“first things first though”, I remarked looking him over, “we need to lower those shorts to your waist for starters”.

word count: 173 words. *this is an edited version of the original piece I posted a while ago, I didn’t like how it turned out so I tweaked it a bit. Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting this challenge and helping us to practice writing.* This post is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge.