Day 16: Confidence

Day 16: Confidence


Buy that dress,
They said,
You’d look more confident.

With a 5 inch heels,
To go with,
For, height boosts confidence.

What about a touch,
Of red lipstick?
Ooh, that looks confident.

And ditch that scarf,
Over your hair,
There- you look confident.

If you’ve got friends,
With these ideals,
Depicting confidence.

You’ll need new ones,
To teach you what,
Real confidence means.

It begins with self-
To walk in a room,
and not need validation

Being comfortable,
in the skin that you wear ,
Now that is confidence.

day 16: confidence, day 17: A friend. This poem is in response to December Poetry Challenge, 31 poems in 31 days.

the above image is courtesy of Healthy

25 thoughts on “Day 16: Confidence

  1. Truly, confident comes from your within and can’t be substituted with any other thing. If you feel get going from inside, you’ll reach your goal, no matter what! Very well portrayed emotions, Ameena!

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  2. I agree, you do need to be confident in yourself. But at times, it means taking a friend’s help. Presentation and first impressions, how a person carries themselves and feels in the clothes they choose, does say a lot about you no matter what people say. I’m not saying by any means change your whole self, but a haircut, taking care of yourself, and an outfit you look and feel great in can help a lot depending on the occasion. Just my thoughts 🙂 Lovely poem.


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