Day 4: On being Alone-

Day 4: On being Alone-


To write a poem on being alone,
Is to take myself back to a place,
I do not dare to go.

Where the reason why alone began,
In my case at least was to shield myself,
From human’s dreary chat-

Draining in the least, poisoning at most,
How do you dos asked but the answer should,
Ultimately be “FINE”.

Insults capsulated by cherry words,
Laughter and jokes gained at the expense of,
Another person’s hurt.

So I shut myself for the time being,
To regain my peace and renew my strength,
To face the world again.

Day 4: Being Alone. This poem is in response to December Poetry Challenge. 31 poems in 31 days. The stunning image above was taken by  Margot Kelly. You can check out her portfolio HERE