Flash Fiction: Checkmate! 

Flash Fiction: Checkmate! 

“Mommy, can you not stand so close”, Jackson protested. “Everyone’s going to think I’m a baby”.
“Oh honey”, his mother replied ruffling his brown hair.
Jackson pulled his chair further away from his mother’s side as his opponent, MikeyG  settled in the seat opposite them.

you my opponent?”, MikeyG questioned with a raised brow.

Haven’t I heard that before“, Jackson replied staring right back.

Just then, a voice announced, “let’s get this show started”.

Two hours and a few minutes later, Jackson declared “Check mate!”
MikeyG’s face morphed into a dark cloud and as Jackon’s mother was gearing up to intervene in case he turned out to be another sore loser, MickeyG’s lips curved into a smile and laughter bellowed.

For the first time in Jackson’s 7 years, his opponent shook his hand and said, “it’s been a pleasure to be beaten by you little one“.
Jackson beamed and MikeyG turned to His mum saying, “that’s one special kid you’ve got there”.

Jackson’s mum forced back the tears from her eyes thinking, “don’t I know it”.

Word count: 175 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you @Iain Kelly for this week’s photo. I absolutely loved it and had an easy time being inspired to write this.




I reread all the books I used to read, when I thought I was in love with you. Same words, same sentences, but I didn’t feel the same.

I wondered, what happened between then and now? What changed? The first time I read it, each sentence was like a key unlocking a vault of emotion, the more I read, the more I felt, the more my face got stained in all the right places. I wondered and pondered the first time around, I blamed and wished I could get things back. Now I don’t.

I read those words and all I feel is detachment. I can’t relate, I can’t connect. Who was that girl who read and felt? who was that girl who read and wept? For a long time I wondered what it would feel like to finally get over a person. Now I know. It felt like the shackles which attached me to all the things and all the places and all the people that reminded me of him was cut off.  It felt like freedom…. I encountered the past without reliving it.

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Flash Fiction: The know-it-all

Flash Fiction: The know-it-all


Did you know..“, Adam began, for about the dozenth time in the past half hour he and his sister, Maina, had been on the boat ride. If he had noticed Maina rolling her eyes at his statement, he took no notice of it and went on describing the effect of the moon on ocean currents at different times of the day. A few minutes into the boat ride and Maina was already regretting her decision to invite him.

You know“, she spoke up, “I invited you so we could bond not to receive a lecture about oceans and currents. My university lecturers are doing just fine on that front”.

“Fine”, Adam mumbled. Then added under his breath, “you should be grateful for the free knowledge I am imparting”.

The smile on Maina’s lips as she soaked in the silence following her brief falling out with her brother, faded away when their boat approached the Oakville bridge. Knowing Adam as well as she did, Maina knew exactly what was coming next,
         “Did you know that bridges…”

word count: 175. So, I have question, do you guys also have somebody in your life (or are you that person) who just loves to give free advice and knowledge and can’t seem to stop?
This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you very much @Joy Pixely for this week’s photo.