Day 7: Breaking Free

Day 7: Breaking Free


He moved halfway across the world,
To ease a dullness in his chest;
A yearning, in every cell of his bone,
Staying home, could not suppress.

The moment, he grew up into the ranks
of men, he packed and left.
Leaving folks back home, going grey wondering,
What insanity provoked such an act.

But some souls are born to wander
The wilderness, and the far out sea;
Soak in rays at the top of a mountain,
Live amidst-nature’s beasts.

Gain knowledge only experience can offer,
Fill their lungs with nature’s breeze;
For the only way, for them to figure out,
Who they are- is by breaking free.

prompt: Inspired by (DecemberPoetryChallenge). Today’s poem is inspired by a quote of Chinua Achebe– “Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am, what I need, is something I have to find out for myself”.

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