The first decade of life-

The first decade of life-


The first decade of life.
A kid- that’s what you’re called;
Hurried out of places, like
Mud stain on a white shirt-

The first decade of life
Passes by with you watching,
Gazing across the adult table,
Dreaming about
when it’d be your turn
To, finally have a seat
At that-
Coveted place.

The first decade of life passes-
While the ladies drown their clothes
In assortments of perfume,
Plastering their faces
With talcum powder-
Eyes a different shade,
Lips a different colour,
And you wonder… Why?
It’s not even Halloween yet.

Then all too soon,
Years roll into decades,
You find yourself sitting at the adult table.
For how long?
You can’t even remember,
And all you really want-
Is that first decade of life… Back.

Day 1: First. This poem is in response to December poetry Challenge. 31 poems in 31 days (I hope I can make it.) 

The above image is courtesy of Pinterest