Day 20: The seven a.m Girl

Day 20: The seven a.m Girl


Summer fades into autumn,
As the year draws to an end;
You can see her by the window sill,
When the clock strikes seven am.

The birds in background singing,
While the tree leaves sway with the wind;
But If you gaze just a little bit closer,
You might notice the streaks on her cheeks.

The outcome of all the secrets,
A little girl has had to keep;
For the sake of a family’s dignity,
Bottled- under lock and key.

While the world dives into rush hour,
With solitude as her company,
The secrets dissolve into liquid,
Forming maps across her cheeks.

Summer fades into autumn,
The tree leaves sway with the wind,
When the world goes into rush hour,
Sits a girl, by a window sill.

December Poetry Challenge Prompts. Day 20: Nature, Day 21: Your inspiration. For this challenge, my inspiration is Erin Hanson. I am in love with her poetry. A lot of her poems inspire me and it is a pleasure to read her works.