Day 3: I stand with them-

Day 3: I stand with them-


Let your voice be heard above the cries of
those living in the midst of violence.
The sight of blood- a daily occurrence,
In grief and sadness their lives are engulfed.

A moment of thought for our fellow men,
Our Sisters, mothers who are war besieged,
Unaware of when they’ll get their next meal,
Their world is in chaos- I stand with them.

Let your voice be heard- for the ones whose land,
Once filled with greeneries of different kinds
Now turned, a graveyard- a horrendous sight
Of bodies in layers, a burial ground.

So, I stand with the ones whose blood is shed,
Mercilessly and their cries go unheard.

Day 4: A sonnet. Oh my, I didn’t know writing a sonnet could be so hard, what with the rhyming and the long syllables, but then again, I am glad I did it. This post is in response to DecemberPoetryChallenge.

the above image is courtesy of Third force

December Poetry Challenge

December Poetry Challenge


I’ve been getting questions regarding the December poetry challenge I started on the first of this month, so I figured, why not share it here on WordPress to you guys who want to join in the fun. A friend got the picture above on Instagram, and sent it to me (I’m not on Instagram). Considering my writing has been on an embarrassingly low point, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it and the prompts are actually really good.

So, here goes. There are 31 prompts as listed in the picture above, for each of the 31 days of December. There is no official website, this is just something that has been circulating through Instagram writers and I thought to try it.

If you’d like to join in, please tag your poem DecemberPoetryChallenge so we can get to read each other’s and have a central site. Today’s prompt is: A sonnet