Day 11: I know what you did

Day 11: I know what you did


I know what you did last night,
And the night before,
And all those other times,
when you said you were at work;
I know what you did,
But I am bidding my time,
Getting my coins,
So I can- Pack my bag.

I know what you did,
though we’ve got two kids,
And another on the way,
Who would have
Looked up to you;
And Lord knows I tried,
To see if you’ll change your ways,
But there is nothing remorseful,
In what you do, or say.

I know what you did,
And now that she’s arrived-
My little bundle of joy,
My bags are out of the house.
And maybe you’ll see the light,
And someday change your ways,
But that’s a trouble for another woman,
‘Cause I am done with your page.

Prompt: Day 11 (Night), day 12 (change). This poem is in response to December Poetry Challenge, 31 poems in 31 days.