Day 8: Choices

Day 8: Choices


If anything,
I want you to remember this-
Life is filled with
so many;
Left and right,
Coloured or dull,
Yes or no.
We have the options,
To make a choice-
In our decisions.

But just as the sun,
has little to say,
In the matter of rainfall.
And the moon,
regardless of it’s stance,
Night will fade to day,
There is little you can do,
when another chooses-
A different pathway.

And we can get swallowed,
In the never ending scenarios,
Of what could I have done;
Or we can rise,
With the knowledge-
Everyone makes their decision,
Good or bad…
And most times,
No matter what we do,
Say or preach-
They’d still make the same choices,

Prompt: Life. This poem is response to December Poetry challenge, 31 poems in 31 days (and yes I am two days behind 🙈).

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