Day 31: Dying Minute

Day 31: Dying Minute


If ever a time comes when I know my end is inevitable, my time is limited and my moments left to witness are a handful, I want you all to know:

Your smile is the sight I want before me,
your hands entwined in mine at the last minute,
your presence the warmth I want to depart from.
Through you I came to this world,
by you I’d like to leave.

And I want You to know,
to be thrown high up from your weary arms,
set the foundation throughout my life-
you’d always be there to catch my fall,
The only man who’d never break my trust.

And I remember when
you were first brought to our home,
your first crawl, first walk,
first talk,
and oh how you talked from then on.
Your presence reenergised a dying lamp in my heart.
And don’t you ever forget,
you are the light of our home.

And oh, our struggles and battles,
our artless ways.
Spending summer days teaching
a girl the ways of ball games.
An older brother with a heart of gold,
You taught me to own wholeheartedly-
who I was.

Friends are the family we form through bonds other than blood. How lucky I am to have found both in one.

Day 31: LAST. And here we are finally, the last day of December poetry challenge. It’s been an amazing experience and thank you every single person who liked, commented and reblog. Words can’t do justice to how much I appreciate it especially after being away for a better part of this year. So thank you. 

The above picture is courtesy of Bill on Love this

DAY 30: Overwhelmed

DAY 30: Overwhelmed


This universe,
With everything in it-
The gallant stars, the milky way,
Earth and it’s seven revolving sister planets,
The mountains- standing firm and strong,
The dancing waves of the deep blue oceans,
All of it, magnificent creations.

And there- she is,
A bare creation of 5″6,
Wondering where she fits amidst,
Overwhelming beauty,
Overwhelming presence,
Overwhelming people at every single corner.
And she thinks, maybe
It isn’t for me-
I could leave,
and no one would notice i’m gone.

But girl…
This earth was made for you,
To wonder and ponder and dwell In it,
To climb up those mountains,
Feel the air upon your skin,
Watch the stars light up darkness
Swim amongst the sea entities;
If you find this world overwhelming,
It may be thinking the same of you,
Don’t get stuck on what is theirs,
While your beauty eludes your view.

Day 30: Stars. In response to December Poetry Challenge (31 poems in 31 days). The beautiful picture above is courtesy of Canon WR.

Day 27: Before Adulting-

Day 27: Before Adulting-


We want the summer sun,
when the winter breeze is drifting;
We hide indoors the minute,
the sun makes its appearance.

We want to fall in love,
with the fairytale and charmings’;
We become a flight risk,
at the slightest inconvenience.

We want to have coins,
Fancy houses, latest gadgets;
We do not give up sleeping,
Get a job and start some living.

we want the best of grades,
Not credits, all distinctions;
So long it doesn’t take up,
Much time to do the reading.

We want a lot of things,
When we’re teens and life seems easy;
Too soon, we learn adulting,
is less wanting and more doing.

prompts for Day 27: Childhood (I changed it to teens, because I already did one with the theme of childhood for day 1) and then Day 28: A job. The above image is courtesy of Unconventional

Day 24: Hope…

Day 24: Hope…


Yesterday, He was back,
With a stronger
Than I could fight;
So I crumbled under,
The weight
Of his words.
he was back,
And yesterday I cracked.

Today, the sun is up,
And the hazy weather’s
is nowhere about;
The words he spoke,
Are faded- Now.
the sun is up,
And He, is not around.

Tomorrow, he might be back
With a stronger
Vengeance than I can stand.
But today,
I’ll regain my strength,
And believe-
That I can shine.
he might back
But by then, my cracks
Will be healed.

Day 24: Strength. In response to December Poetry Challenge. I am a few days late. Let’s see if I can try to catch up. The above image is courtesy of

Day 20: The seven a.m Girl

Day 20: The seven a.m Girl


Summer fades into autumn,
As the year draws to an end;
You can see her by the window sill,
When the clock strikes seven am.

The birds in background singing,
While the tree leaves sway with the wind;
But If you gaze just a little bit closer,
You might notice the streaks on her cheeks.

The outcome of all the secrets,
A little girl has had to keep;
For the sake of a family’s dignity,
Bottled- under lock and key.

While the world dives into rush hour,
With solitude as her company,
The secrets dissolve into liquid,
Forming maps across her cheeks.

Summer fades into autumn,
The tree leaves sway with the wind,
When the world goes into rush hour,
Sits a girl, by a window sill.

December Poetry Challenge Prompts. Day 20: Nature, Day 21: Your inspiration. For this challenge, my inspiration is Erin Hanson. I am in love with her poetry. A lot of her poems inspire me and it is a pleasure to read her works.

Day 16: Confidence

Day 16: Confidence


Buy that dress,
They said,
You’d look more confident.

With a 5 inch heels,
To go with,
For, height boosts confidence.

What about a touch,
Of red lipstick?
Ooh, that looks confident.

And ditch that scarf,
Over your hair,
There- you look confident.

If you’ve got friends,
With these ideals,
Depicting confidence.

You’ll need new ones,
To teach you what,
Real confidence means.

It begins with self-
To walk in a room,
and not need validation

Being comfortable,
in the skin that you wear ,
Now that is confidence.

day 16: confidence, day 17: A friend. This poem is in response to December Poetry Challenge, 31 poems in 31 days.

the above image is courtesy of Healthy

Day 14: To each their own way

Day 14: To each their own way


Some talk- and that’s all they do,
Some walk without, a sideways glance,
On rainy- and sunny days alike.
(Each, their own way of living life).

Some watch, from their windows high,
Mastered in knowing, others daily lives,
A deflection, from the thoughts encroaching.
(To Each, their own way of coping).

Some greet, with a cheery smile,
Strangers and known folks alike;
Some find it, a hypocritical act.
(Each, their own way of living life).

Some sigh, at the sight of love-
Two hands entwined and the silver shines,
dreaming, of what they might never have.
(To each, their own way of coping)

Some live, without loving life-
Oh, the scent of pine trees abound at dawn;
Trudging, through twenty four hours.
(Each their own way of living life).

Day 14: something beginning with T and Day 15: Love. This is in response to December Poetry Challenge 31 poems in 31 days. 

Day 11: I know what you did

Day 11: I know what you did


I know what you did last night,
And the night before,
And all those other times,
when you said you were at work;
I know what you did,
But I am bidding my time,
Getting my coins,
So I can- Pack my bag.

I know what you did,
though we’ve got two kids,
And another on the way,
Who would have
Looked up to you;
And Lord knows I tried,
To see if you’ll change your ways,
But there is nothing remorseful,
In what you do, or say.

I know what you did,
And now that she’s arrived-
My little bundle of joy,
My bags are out of the house.
And maybe you’ll see the light,
And someday change your ways,
But that’s a trouble for another woman,
‘Cause I am done with your page.

Prompt: Day 11 (Night), day 12 (change). This poem is in response to December Poetry Challenge, 31 poems in 31 days. 

Day 9: Close to her bosom

Day 9: Close to her bosom

Some women hold stories,
Close to their bosom;
Stories so grave,
they believe,
It could cause a ripple effect,
And upturn the balance of life,
If repeated.
My mother- was one such.

She’d sigh at length and go off,
Into space…
Oblivious to three munchkins,
laying on the ground,
Who’s got,
The healthiest lung.

She’d go off sometimes,
At the sight-
Of a man in a red shirt,
Or a yell across the street,
Or something so little as,
An innocent question put forward,
By a kid.
My father would say-
Just let her be.

And so I grew older-
Mastered in the art of
Threading lightly;
Till my curiosity,
got the better of me;
And I questioned-
Why does she do that?

That summer morning,
I learnt of the horrors,
Of a young black girl,
Growing up with little to nothing,
At the edge of the sea;
Where being a dark skin,
had a price and being a female-
A burden.
And I knew why, she held those stories
Close to her bosom.

Prompts: Day 9 (a story), Day 10 (Summer). This poem is in response to December Poetry Challenge. 31 poems in 31 days.

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Day 8: Choices

Day 8: Choices


If anything,
I want you to remember this-
Life is filled with
so many;
Left and right,
Coloured or dull,
Yes or no.
We have the options,
To make a choice-
In our decisions.

But just as the sun,
has little to say,
In the matter of rainfall.
And the moon,
regardless of it’s stance,
Night will fade to day,
There is little you can do,
when another chooses-
A different pathway.

And we can get swallowed,
In the never ending scenarios,
Of what could I have done;
Or we can rise,
With the knowledge-
Everyone makes their decision,
Good or bad…
And most times,
No matter what we do,
Say or preach-
They’d still make the same choices,

Prompt: Life. This poem is response to December Poetry challenge, 31 poems in 31 days (and yes I am two days behind 🙈).

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