Words do hurt.

Words do hurt.


You know the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words would never hurt me,” yeah well it’s crap. Words do hurt and they hurt real bad.
Recently I was told something based on assumptions and even though it was said out of care, it hurt me. It didn’t hurt me but more like angered me in a way. I have been eating healthy for the past few months. Dumped the cakes, sodas and chocolates for fruits and fresh juices and healthier alternatives. I wouldn’t say I didn’t snack, I did, but just on a regulated basis. Rather than take 3 drinks in a day, I down sized to one.

But this month, I have been eating. Especially during my last period, I ate like a hog (well almost like one). And, I didn’t really mind. I mean, I believe it’s okay every once in a while. Yet for some reasons, the weight isn’t showing on my body (which I also don’t mind 😉 ).

So a friend of mine, “suggested” that I was conscious of my weight and drastically losing weight and I look Sick. She didn’t say it that way, these are my words but that was what it implied. The statement flared up some emotions in me because, one- she didn’t live with me so she wouldn’t know and two- it was false. Some may say if it isn’t true then why the emotions, trust me, if I knew, I wouldn’t be writing this. The thing is when I was slightly overweight, it didn’t really bother me (and this is a fact) so, why should my weight bother me now.

As for the healthy eating, I had a little of a scare a few months back. My dad’s sister got diagnosed with diabetes. She is the fourth of his siblings to get diabetes (he also has) which makes my genetic predisposition to diabetes fairly high. My excuse before was that it’s only the males that get diabetes in their family so my chance was low. But after her diagnosis, the tables turned and I knew I had to make a health change now.

Also, I live with my sister who is a little above underweight and she hasn’t been eating properly. Throughout this month, I made it my mission to cook everyday in order to motivate her to eat. One of her friends came the other day and was joking about how my sister told her “I have been force-feeding her”. So for someone to tell me that I look sick for being healthy, it hurts. I love how I Look, with or without fat. But after what she said, I found myself staring at the mirror a little too long today and putting on a darker shade of eye-liner just because I didn’t want to look “sick”.

Nobody should have to feel that way. And I know we do say things out of love and affection but what I want to say is this- when it comes to topics like appearance or sensitive issues like weight, please filter your words. Of course this message also goes to me because after experiencing first hand how it feels, I never want to make anyone feel like that.

*Whew* I feel so much better already. Thank you guys for giving me a platform to air my random thoughts. I know this is no poetry or quote but I just had to write this out.

Sticks & Stones

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17 thoughts on “Words do hurt.

  1. My grandma once told me “what a pitty! you used to be so fit and now you’re fat!” I’ve always had attention to what I eat, indeed I like sweets, you already know I’m very fond of chocolate, but I’ve never been fat. What my grandma probably couldn’t understand is that I was arriving to my 20yrs and I no longer have a body of a young girl. Even though I knew that at the time, I can’t deny that her words hurt me as well. It is sad indeed that people can’t be nice to each other.
    What is good and what matters is to keep in mind that we know what we’re doing for ourselves and we most learn to love our bodies, to love ourselves.
    Stay strong ❤

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    1. Thank you for such a wonderful comment. I feel a whole lot better knowing I’m not alone and I wasn’t being all ‘young-adulty’ for feeling bad. I guess, sometimes we all say things and don’t realize how much it hurts. Sometimes we forget that calling people fat or skinny is inappropriate. I do feel a lot better now (it’s been sorted out) I hope you do too. ❤

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      1. I’m glad to know you’re feeling better by now. I am too. Some days are harder than others and it can get tough to deal with some comments and situations, but you got one thing right: you are never alone. Never forget that ❤

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  2. Hugs to you! Words do hurt! I have always disliked that poem, for it is so FALSE! Glad you felt better after venting and hope you continue too! Having teen grils, I know how big a issue weight is and how much emphasis our culture has put on it! Drives me CRAZY!! Go listen to the song Beautiful You and fill your mind with good words and feel good about yourself! 🙂


    1. *Hugs recieved* :). I felt so much better after writing this (still do). Talked it out with the friend, and everything is fine now. This has taught us both to learn to choose our words wisely.and thank you so much Joy. Seeing all the comments made me smile. Cause this was something I wrote out of need.


  3. Sounds to me like maybe your friend was a bit jealous that you lost some weight and was maybe just saying things that aren’t nice to make herself feel better. Not to mention if you are self confident no matter your weight, self confidence can be something to be jealous of too. You read my last blog so you know something I’m trying to do less of is care so much what other people think of me. It’s hard but I think if you can get to a point where your just like whatever when someone says something bad at you, that might help. Good luck!


    1. Thanks Mandi. I’ve also been working at getting a thick skin, I guess I’m not there yet but i’m getting there. She thought I was experiencing a low hence I was losing weight. But actually, healthy eating makes me happy so I go for it. its one of those mis-communication times. We eventually talked it out.
      And really thanks a lot, reading your post helped too. ❤

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  4. Just poking through your website. 🙂 I know this post is old but I wanted to comment anyway. It’s just as alienating to be told you’re too skinny or something along those lines. But nobody talks about that. I’m glad you wrote this piece and I’m sorry that happened to you. Your intentions are all the best 🙂


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