Writer’s quote Wednesday!

Writer’s quote Wednesday!


For writer’s quote wednesday, I chose this beautiful quote by Anne Tyler to share with you all. The hardest part about writing is actually “Writing“. There’d always be that voice internally diminishing every ounce of motivation in us. And we end up saying, ‘I just cant write” or “I don’t feel like writing”. And if we listen to that voice each time and dance to its tune, then we’d end up never writing.

Of course to every problem there is a solution and the solution to this problem is “To Write”. It really is this simple. Just write, with or without motivation; experience has thought me that only writing itself is enough motivation to write more- either to improve or In awe of the awesomeness of what we just put down ;).

So, when you’ve lost hope and motivation to write remember:

“Never wait till you feel like writing to write or you might end up NEVER writing”

Sticks and stones

Also, if you liked this quote and would love to participate in Writer’s quote Wednesday, then head over to Silver Threading where she is hosting this event.

                                              Have a blessed week everybody.