For The Love Of A Daughter

For The Love Of A Daughter


Twelve years old-
Depressed, insecure;
All I can remember-
Your fights, your wars;
You made me feel,
I was inferior to all;
Tried so hard to break me,
Like I was, some charity ward.

Trying hard to forget
All the things, you have done;
But they keep coming back to me,
Like waves rushing towards shore;
And though it’s been five years,
Since I left the house for good;
You still choose the booze,
Over the lost girl of yours.

You’ve made lots of mistake,
I hope someday you’ll regret;
But the hollowed heart of yours,
Keeps getting deeper with each breath;
And though I can’t change the past,
Only hope for a better future-
Where you’ll do anything,
For the love of a daughter.

Oh father ,
If you put the bottle down
This world, it won’t leave you behind;
But you will gain one thing at last-
The love of your daughter;
I’d love to leave you alone,
But I still cant let you go;
Please put the bottle down,
For the love of a daughter.