Quote: Everybody is a Somebody

Quote: Everybody is a Somebody


Recently, I found this quote/poem by Emily Dickinson. It resonated with me instantly and has been stuck in my mind ever since. I don’t want to believe it-  that someone can feel so lost as to believe he/she is a nobody. But it’s true, and it happens. Emily was a great poet who lived during the 18th century. This shows and proves rather that depression and feelings of hopelessness didn’t just begin in the 21st century or with the “youth of nowadays” as they say. It is an issue that has been existing long since- for centuries.

  There are a lot of illnesses that originated in the 19th century and cure or at least therapeutic treatments have been found. So, why is this age old disease of the mind still rampant in our society? I mean even small pox which at a time was deadly is now eradicated worldwide. why is this depression gaining more ground rather than losing power? My theory, we have gotten so busy recognizing and diagnosing the signs of physical distress that we may have forgotten about the emotional ones. We can’t expect people to go about with signs on their back with the words “I feel like a nobody” written on them. What we can do is- make people comfortable enough to share those feelings, spread love and smile to dissuade those feelings.

 It doesn’t mean that every one you show an act of love or kindness to would respond in a positive way. The truth is, a lot of people don’t know what “love” is to even respond appropriately- you should’t blame them. A little patience with the love and I tell you that somebody will appreciate it, some day.

This week, how about we try to make a ‘nobody’ feel like a ‘somebody’. You know that student that eats alone, or the co-worker who seems to always be in a shell- smile at them, heck, take it a step further and say hi. If they don’t respond positively, it is okay. Like I said, some people are too broken to know what real love looks like. But odds are, the nobody’s are probably waiting for someone to realize and reassure them of their existence.

smile, spread love and be happy… Everybody is a somebody.

don’t let the voice in your head tell you otherwise. 🙂



They hold us back,
Tie us down;
Blind us with,
Our deadly past.

Leave us reminiscing,
All that’s behind;
Leaving the present-
A hole In time.

We can’t let go;
So engulfed in-
The darkness, the grief-
Enticingly wrong.

This is your life,
The silence speaks;
Blurring the fact-
They are just memories.