Writer’s Quote Wednesay!!

Writer’s Quote Wednesay!!


I know, it says Writer’s quote wednesday and today is well, Saturday. In my defense, it was all school work that caused the delay. Okay, so for this week’s writer, I chose Louisa May Alcott. One of the greatest writers that ever lived (In my opinion). Her book “Little Women; Good wives” resonated with me and still, to this day, my heart beats a little softer at the thought of it. This is another book I believe every girl should read.

As writers, we all have our goals and aims. For some it’s to create a New York Times best selling novel and for others, it’s to get at least 15-20 blog likes on a chapter. Still, these are dreams we have and wishes we hope come true, regardless of how realistic or unrealistic they seem to other people. But how many of us strongly believe that we can achieve these dreams?

Those who wish upon stars do so because they believe that the wishes would come true. The same goes for writing. Wishing and believing go hand in hand. We shouldn’t just wish for things to happen or for books to become hits or to complete those daunting chapters; we should also believe with everything bone in our body that the chapters would be complete and the books would be hit. The combination of dreams and Belief works wonder in writing and every other aspect of life as well.

So, how about we make new resolutions with better intentions πŸ˜‰ ? To not just “wish” for our works to be successful but “believe” that they will be. To not just wish for our writings to get better but to the passionately believe that they will get better.

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If you’d to participate in Writer’s quote Wednesday or would love to read more inspirational quotes, then head over to Silver threading where she is hosting this event.

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Till Next Time πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesay!!

  1. That was quite inspirational. I find the believing part difficult.
    I have read Little Women; there is a character named Jo in it right? Read it a long time ago. Haven’t read Good Wives.


    1. Yeah it is, Jo is actually my favorite character. Good wives is a continuation, like a part 2, of Little women. It’s about their lives as young ladies and wives. It’s a great book too.

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