A Glimpse Of Summer 5

A Glimpse Of Summer 5

The ride from the hospital to Sam’s place felt like forever. The image of those two beautiful babies kept coming back at me. It had begun to drizzle- the drops of rain on the taxi’s window obstructing my view of the street. I looked to Sam; the tears had subsided, but he was still silent, lost in a trance. I couldn’t blame him- he just lost his wife and with no prior experience, had two babies to take care of.

Returning my gaze, I watched as the unhindered streetwalkers went about the roads and pavements, oblivious to the rain and the dark clouds gathering above them. I said a silent prayer to Julie.
Thank you, for those precious babies.”

Julie was as little as she was fierce. Dainty looking and most times underestimated. But in reality, she was as strong a woman as it got. She knew her chances of survival weren’t good, but still went on with it.

“Either way, sooner or later the inevitable will arrive. At least, I know I’m leaving something behind this time.”

That was her standoffish reply to my prodding her about going through with the delivery. Despite the news of her death and the gloomy atmosphere encapsulating me, the sides of my lips creased into a little smile. I was lucky to have ever met such wonderful people in my life. First Summer and then Julie.

I felt a stinging sensation in my right eye, but this time it was tears of Joy. Still, I fought hard to hold it back. I had enough to worry about with Sam, I didn’t want the taxi driver thinking he had two emotionally unstable people in his cab.

We arrived at Sam’s place. The rain had resolved into a soft drizzle. I got down from the cab and settled the Taxi driver who murmured a thank you and drove off. I walked Sam down the cobblestone pavement which led to his front door.
                                “Thank you, Kit”

That was the first word he had spoken since we began the journey back from the hospital. I remained silent.
                           “We’ll be okay.” … “Right?”

I knew he was talking about him and the babies, I nodded. Figured he needed space and time off to himself, I gave him a hug. With my hands softly grasping the sides of his face, I told him with counted words
                “Sam, if you need anything. Anything, I don’t care what time it is, just call me.”

He nodded and I let go of him. I watched him put the key and unlock the door, he drudged into the house and shut the door behind him.

Making my way to my little apartment, I couldn’t help but think back to Dahlia and Azalea. Those were the names Julie and Sam had chosen for the babies. It would take about a week for Julie’s parents to arrive from Europe. Meaning, I was going to be an unofficial mother for a week. But for some reason, the thought didn’t scare me even a little bit. In all honesty, I was looking forward to Dahlia and Azalea’s coming home.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed this story- liked, commented and encouraged me to continue. I really appreciate all the support. For the next few parts, I would really love to include your inputs and ideas into the plot- after all, this story is all because of you. 

Would you love to see Summer back in the story? What story length do you prefer? Any ideas or input you’d like to see in the story? Thank you guys for everything ❤

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