Shel Silverstein- My New Obsession!

Shel Silverstein- My New Obsession!

Some of you may know who Shel Silverstein is, some of you may not; but I dare say that most of you have come across his works at least once. I, also had read one or two of his poems prior to date, but never went in depth on his works. Today, as I was scrolling through (binging on) Pinterest, I saw one of his poems and then, one thing led to another (as always) and I found myself reading about a dozen of them. I save my flattery for special works and his is one of them.

Shel Silverstein poems many categorize as “Children’s genre” but I wouldn’t say I agree. The manner with which his simple words echo even in the mind of an adult is amazing. His poetry is welcoming for all ages. It speaks of life in the simplest words (I see why they categorize it as- for children), you find yourself nodding subconsciously in agreement to the lessons his poetry speaks.

And well, if you happen to have kids that love poetry, I would totally recommend his poetic works. He proves again and again that you don’t need big flashy words and metaphors (that many wouldn’t understand) to make a beautiful poem.

In case you think I am all words and no action, here are a few of his works or rather my favorite from among his poems. I believe you’ll fall in love with them too.

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Which is your favorite from among these? Mine is ‘Masks’. Feel free to share any of his works that you find absolutely incredible in the comments section. 🙂