Pieces of a Puzzle

Pieces of a Puzzle


I am who you think I am and who you think I am not. I am a chest of secrecy and a cloak of openness. I am the strict parent and the fun-loving one. Yes, adrenaline courses through my blood and yes, I need caffeine to go through the day.

I am the spontaneous friend and the sensible one. The burger binger and the salad encourager. The lens wearer and the makeup lover. The football junkie and the pink stiletto owner.

I am who you know me to be, and who you’d never imagine of me. A hopeful dreamer and soulful realist. A traditional home-maker and modern go-getter. A day time hustler and nighttime writer. An avid talker and a silent listener. A couch lover and a crowd speaker.

I am who I am and despite what you may Want, I’ll always be who you’ll Need me to be.

Interview With Ameena K.G.

Interview With Ameena K.G.

I have been friends with this amazing lady and writer for two years now, and It was such an honour to be interviewed by her. I couldn’t be happier with the way the interview turned out. She is one of my biggest encourager with her constant support and it’s been such a blessing getting to know her. If you want to know what she asked, go go go check it out. 😄


Welcome to another edition of my bi-weekly interview series. I’m excited to share with you a talented and beautiful poet, writer, and interviewee — my friend of many years on WordPress — blogger Ameena K.G. The way her poems flow and the lessons they teach, often amaze me. You can visit Ameena’s blog here: Randoms by a Random.

ameena Ameena

1.Please Tell Us About Yourself Ameena:

My name is Ameena and I am from Nigeria, although for the past five-years, Sudan has been my home. I am currently studying there.

I am a medical student in my fifth-year. When I’m not busy studying, I love to write poetry and stories. I enjoy watching videos of poetry read out-loud on YouTube and watching documentaries on YouTube as well. Comedy is one of myfavourite genres to watch. Anything which makes me laugh is…

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Words do hurt.

Words do hurt.


You know the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words would never hurt me,” yeah well it’s crap. Words do hurt and they hurt real bad.
Recently I was told something based on assumptions and even though it was said out of care, it hurt me. It didn’t hurt me but more like angered me in a way. I have been eating healthy for the past few months. Dumped the cakes, sodas and chocolates for fruits and fresh juices and healthier alternatives. I wouldn’t say I didn’t snack, I did, but just on a regulated basis. Rather than take 3 drinks in a day, I down sized to one.

But this month, I have been eating. Especially during my last period, I ate like a hog (well almost like one). And, I didn’t really mind. I mean, I believe it’s okay every once in a while. Yet for some reasons, the weight isn’t showing on my body (which I also don’t mind 😉 ).

So a friend of mine, “suggested” that I was conscious of my weight and drastically losing weight and I look Sick. She didn’t say it that way, these are my words but that was what it implied. The statement flared up some emotions in me because, one- she didn’t live with me so she wouldn’t know and two- it was false. Some may say if it isn’t true then why the emotions, trust me, if I knew, I wouldn’t be writing this. The thing is when I was slightly overweight, it didn’t really bother me (and this is a fact) so, why should my weight bother me now.

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