Are we Free?

Are we Free?

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We live in a bi-polar world,
With freedom ill defined;
They urge for you to speak your voice,
Yet shut you the moment it’s out.

They say you’re free to speak
From within-
The words burning deep in your skin;
So You spit them out expecting appease-
That moment, they break you
And your humanity.

“But freedom of speech is what we practice”-
Oh honey, they chew and sweeten their speech;
And try yes they will, to numb your ‘will’-
Your speech ends up just how they will;
Oh yes there’ll be expression,
Loads of them;
But the freedom in question?
Has gone in despair;
So you speak bulk of thoughts
But with a seasoned prisoned mind-
And the freedom you once had,
Had been lost in the wind.

Words will be said;
Thoughts expressed;
With lack of freedom-
Bare as stiff air.

One thought on “Are we Free?

  1. I can totally relate to these words. I’ve been thinking they exact same thing for about three years now. I’m one of those people who will say things when I think it is important, and I’m good at…refraining for saying things that might be hurtful to others. On the other hand I am also, on the inside, a person who likes to express and argue their opinions.
    My parents could tell you this, but my friends on the other hand haven’t seen this side of me unless it were in a friendly debate over something like a film or novel.
    It’s irritating because I know that I can make excellent arguments and I have opinions and things that I believe are worth saying but in order to protect myself from being attacked by those who disagree with me, I keep my mouth shut. I think to myself, “There is no freedom of speech if we have to filter everything we say in order to protect ourselves from being harassed by those who don’t agree with our opinion.” An opinion is yours and yours alone. If someone else has one that is different it should be respected, not ridiculed.

    There I said what I wanted. 🙂 I really enjoyed this post! Thank you.


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