7 Rhymes about me-

7 Rhymes about me-


I just received notification that I’ve been nominated for the versatile blogger award by another wonderful blogger Patricia of Openunated.wordpress.com . I was warmed by the comment she included with the link. It is a great feeling to know that your blog and writings/ ramblings are appreciated and enjoyed by someone. While I was writing this post, another notification popped up. This time, I was nominated by The Private public girl. So thank you both for the nominations.



The Rules of the Award are:
1) Display the award;
2) Thank the person who nominated you;
3) Share seven facts about yourself; and
4) Nominate up to 10 other bloggers.

Seven facts about myself
         Which I haven’t already shared;
Fact Number one is I love to rhyme
          Although at times, it doesn’t turn out right;
I lost over 20 pounds, fact number two,
         Healthy lifestyle is one that I choose;
Fact number three, I love coffee
          Though not an addict, I hope, at least;
Chamomile, fenugreek, mint bring it on
           My teas are part and parcel of me;
Fact number five, i’ve loved and lost
           And through the journey, I hold my head high up
Close to the end, here’s fact number six
             My favorite genre- a good crime mystery
Fact number seven, lets round this up
             I hate washing, (and hope this wasn’t a bore🙈)…

Now to my nominees:
1) Adt Patel, whose latest poem Expectations is close to my heart. 

2) Vidisha Kaushik. Her post titled “Begin again” with just a few words is reflective.

3) Fun simplicity whose recent photographs, accompanied withwonderful words puts a smile on my face.

4) Chelsea, who blogs about healthy lifestyle. Her posts are the motivation I need to keep on going.

5) K.E.Garland- anyone who’s considering quitting coffee and needs a little push should check out this post of hers.

6) Sumit- another wonderful blogger whose post on the women in his life is amazing

7) Loner Loaner– a poet I recently started following whose poetry is filled with depth and emotion. 

8) everyone who’d love to share seven facts about themselves. P.S, you don’t have to rhyme though what fun it’ll be if you do 😄

43 thoughts on “7 Rhymes about me-

  1. Thanks Ameena k.g.! You are a sweetheart! I don’t participate in blogging awards (anymore), but if you have an awesome quote you’d like to share for my “Other People’s Quote” category, then please pass it to me so I can re-blog and share your wondrous blog 🙂 Thanks again!

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  2. Congratulations, Ameena! 💝💝💝🎉🎉🎉 Thanks for your nomination, but my blog is award free, hope you don’t mind, sorry. 😳 I appreciate your thought. It feels great to know that someone thinks of me. ☺️ 💖

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  3. You are so creative, I love how you did this! And definitely congrats, your poems touch so many! Wish we could meet for coffee next week 🙂 ❤ Congrats also on your weight loss and on holding your head up high amidst the trials. You are a inspiration to others! 🙂

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    1. Aww, thank you very much Joy ☺️. Haha, I can’t help it sometimes, I love to rhyme 😄. The weight loss now seems like ages ago even though it’s just been two years. Puberty was not pretty 😂😂

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