The Truth about Truth-

The Truth about Truth-


The truth about truth is
It can be a bitter pill to give forth,
And you won’t know just how tough it is
Till you face it at a cross road,
And in short what life has thought me
Is that lies are easy flowing,
And with one comes forth another
Till a mountain’s made from one Mole.
Till you’re standing at the bottom,
And the lies have reached a tipping point,
They come crashing in one moment,
You’re stuck struggling at the bottom.

Some may ask me how I know this
Of the burden lies keep pilling,
I say, life has taught me the hard way-
Of the weight of fallen mountains,
Of the perks of easy flowing words
Of the falling after graces;
Of the praise a sweet lie brings,
Before a lifetime of grievances;
So in truth, though truth is bitter,
And lies are easy-flowing,
I hope you know the road gets rougher,
After the easy one’s been taken.
And though truth can be a bitter pill,
The best medicines often are.

The above image is courtesy of An Auslly Fanfic| Wattpad