3 years-

3 years-


The fault was never yours in the first place. You never asked me to fall, yet I did. You never promised me a large floating bouncing ball which would break my fall, I just always hoped your love would. I was wrong. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Maybe, I miscalculated, misinterpreted.

I never knew how strong I was till it was time to set the clock of our love, my love, to a stop. I thought my world would come crashing when I saw the word “baby”, referring to someone who isnt… Me. Well, my world spiraled a bit but it’s still as strong as ever. I spent 3 years on you, not any more. I spent 3 years on the fictional world I created of us, don’t ask if I regret It.

No, I’m not broken, Just a bit down at the moment. I know I deserve better and we were never right from the start. But I thought, it wouldn’t matter…
Anyway, it’s time… it’s time to put three years worth of practice, to show that love to the one who deserves it first of all- the face I see staring back from the mirror.

Imprisoned without shackles-

Imprisoned without shackles-


They say,
If you’ve been a bride’s maid,
For five times or more,
It’s time to quit weddings,
Till your Prince Charming comes.

They say,
If you’ve been a wife,
For ten years with no son,
Bundle your things for,
A new woman to come.

They say,
If your husband’s riches,
lesson after you arrive;
Then oh wife you have black feet,
And must leave his house.

They say,
If your child is smart,
Well, his dad is to be praised,
If the child turns out faulty,
‘Course, you are to blame.

They say,
A housewife you must be,
With no wealth of your own,
And if your husband passes,
They take away your home.

They make living hard,
Making rules without regard;
Leaving women imprisoned,
Without shackles to leave marks.

The image is courtesy of Black women art.com

D- Don’ts of Men

D- Don’ts of Men


He was born at a time when society,
Considered men a different specie;
Higher in grade and superior,
Than those with xx in their genes.

He was fed with things he shouldn’t do,
The don’ts which would make him a man-
Crying when hit, playing with dollies,
They were beneath his command.

He was born at a time when society,
Imposed on him right from the start;
Displaying emotions was weakness,
And strength was a sign of men’s pride.

He was broken before realizing it,
I fell in love with a broken man;
Who’s sole fault- being born at a time,
When emotions were bottled inside.

He was born at time when society,
Imposed on men, as it still does today;
And if I’ve learnt anything from the past,
It’d be to raise my son, simply human;
Regardless of society’s enforcements…

The above image is courtesy of Soul Magazine.com   P.S this is a scheduled post. I’m currently away, will be back soon. 🙂 thanks for taking the time to read.

C- Cruel to be kind

C- Cruel to be kind


She was taught as a kid,
It was all in good spirit,
When harsh words were hurled at her.

So she grew up thinking,
Maybe love was hidden,
Behind hurtful remarks.

She was taught as a teen,
Man is cruel to be kind,
When the bullies would get physical.

So she married a man,
Who displayed love through fist,
Blaming every mistake on her.

She was taught as a kid,
How to smile through the pain,
That it’d only make her braver.

So she grinned and faked it,
Hid her scars and hurting,
Believing it would make her a brave heart.

Until one sullen morning,
Her weak heart gave away-
She was gone before medics arrived.

They labeled her death- sudden;
Unaware she’d been wilting,
Since the first ever lesson she’d had.

the above image is courtesy of The odyssey. This is a scheduled post, I am away at the moment, hoping to be back soon. 🙂

B- Badmus Family (a Ballad)

B- Badmus Family (a Ballad)


There lived a family down the road,
Where the badmus’ lived with their cat and dog;
Each morning the mister waved Goodbye,
To his darling wife with a peck on each side.

Mr Badmus was a funny looking man,
Sickly thin and barely- five feet high,
The Mrs in contrast was plump and carried,
A few extra pounds, around her thighs.

They lived in the biggest mansion on the street,
And rode in a Bentley, while we watched in envy;
The Mrs adorned in the newest of fashion,
With her Mr at hand, as her greatest passion.

We watched and waited till we tired of waiting,
For disaster to befall their perfect family,
Engulfed in our envy, we failed to see,
The sorrow in their eyes, at the sight of our kids.

For, they had the wealth and they had the love,
But not the offspring they so longed for.
And they had accepted, they couldn’t have everything,
While we held onto ours and thirsted for theirs.

Yet the Mrs smiled, each time she caught our stares,
And the Mr walked like he hadn’t any care;
We thought him snobby, but he was only a man,
Who’d give the wealth all up for a child to care

the above image is courtesy of Examiner.com

Flash Fiction: On Second thought…

Flash Fiction: On Second thought…


Why the forlorn face?” Inquired Adolf, the loved-up cow.

Well“, began Amber, the flowered cow. “It’s just that everyone’s hovering around you and admiring your intricately designed flowers and hearts.

I could say the same about you Amber“, Protested Adolf “and You look lovely all flowered up”.

Amber being one not to give up, continued, “but that’s Just it. I might look lovely but you look stunning. Heck, you even have a little peace inscribed on your ear“.

She pouted while Adolf sighed, thinking to himself that Amber could be tough at times. Just then, some kids came towards them screaming,
“Look! That one painted with hearts looks like a Piñata”

Quickly, the rest of the gang grabbed a stick each and headed for Poor Adolf. Amber chuckled like anything, saying
   “on a second thought, I like my flowers”.

word count: 139 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspirng Writers photo prompt challenge, hosted by Priceless Joy. Thank you very much @Swritings for this week’s stunning photo. 

P.S: constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

A- Absolute day

A- Absolute day


The darkness, which had enveloped the sky gradually dissipated. She gazed as a distinct violet hue of varying intensity made an appearance. It’s lightest shade, meshing with the sky’s cerulean blue, producing together a color calming to view.

She watched entranced, as the tall mahogany tree leaves shuddered to the Northeastern winds and just as if they realized her gaze upon them, turned still except for the occasional sidewards swaying.
The chirping birds filled the atmosphere with their melody, giving the picture perfect scene a bit of background music.

And in that moment, it didn’t matter if the skies would clear and turn a scorching 115 degrees in a few hours; it didn’t matter that the North-Eastern winds would pick up, forming turbulent sand storms; it didn’t matter that the birds chirping would eventually overstay their welcome and get on her nerves. There and then, the day seemed Absolute… Complete… Perfect… Free from imperfections. The odds that it would turn out so were a billion to one. But all that mattered was, in that moment, she believed in it’s absoluteness.

1 down, 25 more letters to go. Thank you @Life home and away for suggesting the word “Absolute”. I promise I am not ignoring your posts, comments and follows on purpose. My phone’s screen got cracked and it’s at the repair shop, hoping to get it back by tomorrow. Currently using my sister’s not-so-good hotspot which I totally appreciate 😁. My apologies.