A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Going down memory lane, It’s funny how everything in my life has been in a series of phases. Heck, my life is better categorized in phases rather than age. I’ll explain:

First, it was the Zee tv phase when I was in middle school. I know most of you reading this post don’t know what I mean by ‘zee tv’, trust me, it’s a good thing that you don’t. Zee tv is an Indian soap opera channel that shows melodramatic, captivating and addictive soaps on cable. Once you start watching them, it is very hard to stop. When the weekends came and most soaps went on break, I dreamt of the characters and possible continuation.


Next came *drum rolls please* ‘the Disney phase‘. Now, this I’m sure a lot of teen girls have gone through. Though I was never a ‘color pink’ fan, I still wanted cadet Kelly and cheetah girls everything. I stayed up all night playing stardoll games and during the day, filled my siblings ear drums with worrible renditions of disney songs. I had my first celeb crush at this phase- Joe Jonas from camp rock.

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Soul beneath The Skin

Soul beneath The Skin

The more I get to know him,
The worst of him i see;
I was blinded in delusions,
Couldn’t see beneath the skin;
The ‘him’ I’m starting to see now,
The soul beneath that skin-
A disappointment, a walking time bomb,
A soul not too pretty.
How blinded I was in the past,
to not see beneath the skin;
The soul awaiting to be deciphered,
Is nothing good for me.
I guess I dodged a bullet,
waiting this long to commit-

The skin is nothing but mere flesh,
So my dears, do not be deceived.