A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Going down memory lane, It’s funny how everything in my life has been in a series of phases. Heck, my life is better categorized in phases rather than age. I’ll explain:

First, it was the Zee tv phase when I was in middle school. I know most of you reading this post don’t know what I mean by ‘zee tv’, trust me, it’s a good thing that you don’t. Zee tv is an Indian soap opera channel that shows melodramatic, captivating and addictive soaps on cable. Once you start watching them, it is very hard to stop. When the weekends came and most soaps went on break, I dreamt of the characters and possible continuation.


Next came *drum rolls please* ‘the Disney phase‘. Now, this I’m sure a lot of teen girls have gone through. Though I was never a ‘color pink’ fan, I still wanted cadet Kelly and cheetah girls everything. I stayed up all night playing stardoll games and during the day, filled my siblings ear drums with worrible renditions of disney songs. I had my first celeb crush at this phase- Joe Jonas from camp rock.


Then the mood swings kicked In, the depression began and my temper was wild. I needed something, someone to fall back on and thus the Demi Lovato phase began. Demi Lovato got diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and bulimia fairly the same time as my mood swings got worse. It was a sort of comfort knowing there was someone, a prominent figure that was going through something similar as well. And so, I went gaga over Lovato. I made sure every single person in my circle knew who she was, heard her story and loved her songs (that was when I used to listen to music, don’t anymore). What can I say- I was a loyal fan!

These are but a few of my wide range of phases- skipped a few in between like my tomboy phase (when I denied ever liking Hannah Montana) and some more ahead.
Hope you enjoyed this. What were some of the phases you experienced?

2 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. i used to watch an indian soap serie called “Mahabharata” i don’t understand the language but some reason i was glued to it. i invented my own dialogue/conversation for every character according to their facial expressions. my guess is probably you are not old enough to have seen it.

    about phases… i had/have endless! i don’t know where to begin. but i’m a product of the 80s so you at least have an idea. i have lived a million lives D. said the only thing i’ve never been is probably a fairy 🙂

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    1. We had subtitles and I actually understand Hindi making becoming addicted easy. Yh, I didn’t know the Mahabharata.
      Hahahaha, that is the awesome part of being a kid. You get to dream of being anything except of course fairies ;).


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