A rose, a thorn-

A rose, a thorn-


Have you seen a rose
Without a thorn?
Or a road
Without a bump?
The light of a candle
In bright sunlight?
Or the stars
Without dusk?

Do not expect me
To shine and smile;
And hide my face
In veil of light;
Unless a rose
Is without a thorn-
I’ll keep my darkness
Awaiting dawn.

‘Cause this Rose,
she’s happily thorned.


She keeps Walking…

She keeps Walking…


And she walked;
And she strolled;
Atop the mountains,
Down the slope.

And she smiled,
As she glided-
Through the hills;
Amidst the Cattle.

And they whispered,
Spreading rumors-
About the lady,
Who comes and goes.

And she heard them,
Yet ignored;
Pretends oblivious,
To tarnished words.

Keeps on walking,
Breathes in nature-
Shakes head slightly,
At the ignorance of the world.
Still she keeps walking…