Fat- It doesn’t define you

Fat- It doesn’t define you


I came across this image as I was surfing through Pinterest and I felt, I just had to share it. Everyone has Fat in them, we’d be dead if we didn’t have fat- And that is all there is to the word ‘fat’. A few months ago, I was being told I’ve gotten fat (despite being within a healthy BMI) and now, i’m told I’ve gotten too slim (and I’m still within a healthy BMI).

These experiences have taught me something- to some people, ‘enough’ doesn’t exist. There will always be too fat or too slim; I’m never going to be just right. And you know what, that’s fine by me; I’m not striving to be remembered by my weight. No, I’m striving to be remembered by my words and my work. That is what defines me- my contribution to the world and not just the ‘fat’ in my body.

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Blogging Award: A little bit about me

Blogging Award: A little bit about me


My first blogging award nomination!!! Thanks  mandibelle for nominating me. And now, to answer the questions posed to me. Heres a little bit about myself:

1) Where are you from?
I come from Lagos in Nigeria. But I’m currently based at Sudan because of school.

2) What’s your favorite thing about the place you are from?
Okay this one is easy- the beaches. Lagos is bordered by the Atlantic ocean and so, there are a lot of beaches. Unfortunately, the waves are not surfing waves. Also, one of my favorite things about Lagos is the people. It has equal number of Muslims and Christians, and it’s just so crowded that ain’t nobody got time to poke nose In somebody else’s business. It’s a ‘survival of the fittest’ kind of place which I find really cool.

3) When did you first start writing?
I once wrote a play when I was in 3rd grade, but I guess that doesn’t count. I officially took interest In writing, particularly poetry, in my second year of high school.

4) What is your favorite hobby?
Another easy one- Writing! I’m a person who gets bored easily except when it comes to doing two things- talking and writing. I guess talking/ gisting doesn’t count as a hobby. So, Writing is my number one hobby.

5) Do you have a pet?
This is one of those questions I dread. I have a phobia for animals. I love them from a distance, but up close, I’d probably be shaking at my knees that is if I haven’t passed out. Basically, I fear anything that walks, crawls, flies, swims ( you get the picture). But as long as they are at least 2 feet away from me, I love them. PS- I am working on my phobia.

6) What kind of pet?
Let’s just skip this one.

7) What would you tell other people about where you’re from?
Lagos is the second fastest growing city in Africa. It is ridiculously over populated, like there are people everywhere. It is divided into two parts: the Island- which is for the elite, it’s where most of the foreigners stay. The Mainland which is for the ‘Lagosians’. These two place are extremely different in all aspect. It’s like being in two different cities not one. I think seeing these contradictory sides and experiencing these is something I recommend for everyone.

8) What’s your story? How or why did you start blogging?
I know I should answer this question with a definitive answer but the truth is- I don’t really know why I started blogging. It shows from the name of my blog, “Randoms”. I have tried so many things (rapping, painting included) in order to find my comfort zone, my niche. I think i found it in poetry writing. But at the same time, I don’t want to limit myself to just one aspect; I guess, blogging is my way of experimenting with every aspect of writing all in the hope of finding what fits me most. I also view this blog as a platform of finding and interacting with people who share the same passion as me. And I am happy to say that, I have found some that do.

9) How often do you blog?
Considering I started blogging about two months ago, I will say quite often. Some days I post more than once (those are the good days) and somedays, I don’t post at all.

10) What is your advice for other bloggers/ writers?
One thing I’ll say to anyone who is writing is this- there is no right way to write. When it comes to writing, I have learned that there is no ‘norms’. Everyway is the right way.