Love beyond Infinity

Love beyond Infinity


Words couldn’t describe,
What you mean to me-
But words all I’ve got,
As a writer struggling within;
In a world full of blunder,
Unnecessary burden;
Clear out of a blue sky-
You rocked me through it.

A little smile-
A little hi-
I wouldn’t reply,
But still you tried.

And when i cried,
You’d ask me why;
I wouldn’t reply,
But it melted my heart

There’s infinity,
And there’s you and me;
But even infinity,
Cant amount what you mean to me.

Happy Birthday Sabeeha… I Love you beyond infinty

In Search Of Humanity..

In Search Of Humanity..

A little boy- as he roams the street,
Bare feet- scorching heat underneath;
He runs without shoes;
He don’t care,
about the 40 degrees radiating on them.

The teenagers, bathing in the stream-
Green with algae visible undersea;
Half naked, with bruises on their skin
Each scar, a story-
But they don’t care
Just glad to have a place to bath in.

The young mother- baby in her arm
Clothed in black, covered with a scarf
Hands protruded in search of alms
Heedful of pity looks, towards her child-
But she don’t care,
Will take it in;
As long as the baby gets money for milk.

These I saw on my way to school;
Riding a bus, overwhelmed with guilt
And compassion towards humanity;
A pair of slippers, a few pounds
Even a faint smile-
The difference it could bring about.

In the strides of his feet,
The protraction of her hands,
The ripples of the water,
As the teenagers splashed about;
I found something I wasn’t searching for-
I found humanity… or rather,
Humanity found me.