Soul beneath The Skin

Soul beneath The Skin

The more I get to know him,
The worst of him i see;
I was blinded in delusions,
Couldn’t see beneath the skin;
The ‘him’ I’m starting to see now,
The soul beneath that skin-
A disappointment, a walking time bomb,
A soul not too pretty.
How blinded I was in the past,
to not see beneath the skin;
The soul awaiting to be deciphered,
Is nothing good for me.
I guess I dodged a bullet,
waiting this long to commit-

The skin is nothing but mere flesh,
So my dears, do not be deceived.

4 thoughts on “Soul beneath The Skin

  1. When you can look pass some eyes you will see there truth. This takes time. Hopefully you can see it sooner than later. But in any case you saw , you conquer, therefore you overcame. Life is huge this learning curve, Joesph Campbell says you don’t get there till you have arrived.

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