Toxic Friendship-

Toxic Friendship-


They are part of a history
You wish to forget;
But You hear they say sane ones,
Don’t give up on friends;
Even when they turn toxic,
Or flames burn too bright;
When their convos deplete
Your energy and you tire.

Friends are forever
A Bond that shouldn’t die;
So you trudge through the day
While they drain out your life;
And their words sting as toxins
But you still fake a smile;
Cause “you don’t give up on friends”
So we’re taught
And thus we grow-
With the concept that toxins,
Aren’t harmful to our lives;
If we’ve known them for too long,
They can only bite.

But you’ve grown
and you’ve changed
And you write words in rhymes;
And you’ve met friends
Who’ve shown you
Your light, now you shine.
Keep them
At arms length-
The toxins of the past;
You’re not giving up
On friendship
Just taking charge of your life.

Day 3 of October Poetry Writing Month. Prompt: Free write for ten minutes about what drains you and what depletes your energy. IMAGE CREDIT:

6 thoughts on “Toxic Friendship-

  1. I very much like your poem on friendship and there is so much truth behind it. I too have experienced toxic friendships and there are some people that you have to let go of, even if it’s just for a little while. Sometimes people who are your friends make bad decisions but end up coming back to you. But other times friends who were once friends drift away.Sometimes that’s a gift in disguise. I think the average person has only a few people who you are really close to, even if you have many acquaintances or business friendships (networking). Anyways, great job!


  2. Awesome poem and sadly true, my daughter had to give up on a toxic friend, it was painful for her but was so needed and has made a big difference! Hugs to you if you had to go through this! ❤


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