If Magic was real-

If Magic was real-


If Rumple was here,
I’ll weave him a story;
In exchange for love,
I’d make him a sweet deal.

If Frankenstein came,
And Made an appearance;
I’d trade him that love-
So he knows what “to feel” means.

If Elsa were here,
I’ll steal her for a moment;
Whisper in her ears-
You’re perfect, snow queen.

If Mulan appeared
In my front, I’d trade places-
To be on the frontline,
Of what I believe in.

If magic were real,
I’d be queen of a castle-
With a Soul young at heart,
And create my happy after.

Day 4 of October Poetry Writing Month. And yup, I am way behind but still not going to quit. The prompt was: take the time to write a poem featuring magic; Have fun with it. I certainly had fun writing this, it was a nice break from dark, or heart break genres 😉 IMAGE CREDIT: Kiloby.com