Day 11: No other Reason

Day 11: No other Reason


He is the scent of
freshly ground coffee
On a winter morning.
The energy I need
To walk through
Each day.

He is the gentle hum  
Of mockingbirds. Flooding
The earth with rhythms
Solely and uniquely theirs.
His voice- a reminder
Of what a beautiful world
I live in- my world.

He is a breath of
Fresh air, in a world
Filled with darkness
And grey clouds
And starless skies.

He is the green tree
With it’s luscious leaves,
My source of peace,
And calm.

He is the moon appearing
In spite of the night.
My light in an unending 

He is everything
I need and I love him
Even more because-
He is mine.


I really enjoyed doing the december poetry challenge last year. Plus, I found this really inspiring prompt called “30 layers, 30 days” which many bloggers have completed now. So, I decided to use the prompts for December.

prompt: Another Reason

Day 2: Idea of You

Day 2: Idea of You


The girl who spilled juice on
A mother’s newly moped floor is
In You.

The girl who sneaked dolls to
Classes because school needs
more fun is
In You.

The girl who faked stomach cramps
Joint pain, hospital visits to escape
Detention is
In You.

The girl who’s anger was at the
Tip of a button is
In You.

The girl who soaked her sheets
With emotions streaming across
Her face is
In You.

The girl who lived and loved and
Joked and took each day Without
A care is
In you.

The clumsy is in you,
The angry is in you,
The happy is in you,
The sad is in you,
-a part of you, not the
Whole picture.

You are who you know yourself
To be.
Not the idea thrown across
By anyone,
By everyone.


I really enjoyed doing the december poetry challenge last year. Plus, I found this really inspiring prompt called “30 layers, 30 days” which many bloggers have completed now. So, I decided to use the prompts for December.

Today’s Prompt: An idea of you

Flash Fiction: Off Limits

Flash Fiction: Off Limits


Johnny raced to his mother, clutching her hand and dragging her to the riverbank,
There mama”, he pointed at what appeared to the ordinary eyes as a slow-moving swamp river, with over grown bushes on the sides.
“Isn’t that the most beautiful river mama, like those of fairytales.”

“Oh Johnny,” his mum ruffles his hair, “there’s nothing remarkable about a muddy water.”
Johnny looked up at his mother in bewilderment. Why couldn’t she see what he was seeing.
But ma,” he protested until she pried him off the site reluctantly, telling him not to let his imaginations get the best of him.

That night, under starless skies with a solitary half-moon shining, Johnny’s mother made her way to the river bank, the same one Johnny had seen.
“I know what you are trying to do”, she spoke into the flowing river, her face as fierce as an angry gypsy,
So let me make something clear, my kid is off limit. And I’m sure neither one of us wants me to come back here again, because that won’t be pleasant.”

With that, Johnny’s mother made her way back to the camp knowing the intended recipient had got the message.

word count: 198. This Flash Fiction is in response to a photo prompt hosted by the social underground.

Writer’s Quote: On Defeats & Victories

Writer’s Quote: On Defeats & Victories


The theme for this week’s writers quote Wednesday writing challenge is “strength” and for it, I chose to share a quote by a poet whose works I admire, enjoy and gain inspiration from- Charles Bukowski. Below, is a poem I wrote inspired by the quote.

It’s like this-
Some nights,
All you can do is
Curl up under sheets
With a burning lump
Stuck in your throat
Of all the things
You shoulda said-
But didn’t.

Your cheeks
Stained with droplets
And the darkness
Offering little comfort,
in self pity- you are,
At the what ifs,
And the could have beens.

These are the days,
we focus on our defeats.

But the sun,
It’ll rise again as it does,
And golden rays,
Will stream at the break of dawn.
And just as the darkness
I hope you keep last night
Where it belongs-
the past;
You may wallow at times,
At your defeat
But do remember- defeats
Are what make up victories.

A-Z Challenge: Theme Reveal

A-Z Challenge: Theme Reveal


Before I reveal my theme for this year’s A-Z challenge, for those of you who Aren’t aware of what its about, here’s a little info. The A-Z challenge begins from the 1st of April to the 30th. Each day except Sunday’s (which is our break for being good and writing all week), we share a post whose title begins with a letter of the alphabet. On April 1st, we write on a topic beginning with A, on the 2nd “B” until the 30th which is rounded up with letter “Z”.

My theme for this year is : Poetry and Prose.

Last year, I participated unofficially (without signing my name to the list) using the “poetry” theme. It was a challenge to write a poem everyday especially when it came to certain alphabets, but it was fun and a learning experience. Got me to push my boundaries and that’s why I am participating again this year.

But this time, I do want to be prepared which is where I need your help. A-Z begins in ten days, during which i’d be writing my finals and immediately afterwards, would be moving out of my Apartment and into a new one, and then traveling. I know, wrong timing. I have a feeling, my inspiration well wouldn’t be too juicy hence I need some push.
I’d really appreciate it if you can recommend words for me, from “A-Z” that I can write about, phrases or even links to posts and pictures that I can use an inspiration.

I want to see if I can schedule some posts before hand. I am not too sure about the Internet connection when I do travel. Now, that being said, so far I know three bloggers who are participating- Yinglan (who’s theme is on quotes), Life as a potpourri , Doc2Poet (his theme is also poetry), Simply Poetry (her theme is forms of poetry around the world) and Ellespeth. If you are participating in the challenge, please let me know so I can include your link here. And that way, it’d be easier to atleast find one another. 


P.S: looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

A paradell-

A paradell-


And she hid from the world;
And she hid from the world;
Labelled an outsider, she sought freedom;
Labelled an outsider, she sought freedom;
An outsider, labelled- she hid
And she sought, freedom from the world.

And she drowned her sorrows;
And she drowned her sorrows;
In the flips- and pages- of books;
In the flips- and pages- of books;
And of Her sorrows in the books
flips and pages- she drowned.

She was of different specie;
She was of different specie;
A unique entity underneath hazel eyes;
A unique entity underneath hazel eyes;
A different specie of hazel eyes,
Underneath- a unique entity she was.

And- freedom she sought,
In the flips of books
And pages- her sorrows, she drowned;
Underneath hazel eyes, From the world, she hid;
Labelled- a different specie, an outsider;
And she was of a unique entity.

Day 16 of October poetry writing month. Prompt: The Paradell structure. In this, The first two lines as well as the third and fourth lines of the first three stanzas must be the same (repeat) and then the fifth and sixth lines must contain all the words from the preceding four lines within the stanza using them only once to form completely new lines.
The final stanza of the paradelle does not repeat like the preceding stanzas, rather the final six lines must contain every word from the first three stanzas, and only those words, again using them only once to form completely new lines.      IMAGE CREDIT:

twitter- @wordsofarandom 🙂

Icecream, Girlfriends and a Slap!

Icecream, Girlfriends and a Slap!

Guess who has a story with “her” as the central character? Yup, this Random! Courtesy of my dear friend Joy. 3 hints- ice cream, girlfriends and a slap- go figure! Alright no more spoilers, this story brightened up my day and I hope it does the Same to you too. And btw, I could do with an ice cream and a hot guy, just saying 😀

Nuggets of Gold

Time again for “Anything Goes”, where the readers pick the topic for me to do a story around. So go get yourself a bowl of ice cream and some Hot Fudge topping with a cherry on top and enjoy this tale 🙂 Thanks to my good friend Ameena for this suggestion. You can check out her blog randomsbyarandom her posts will definitely touch your heart!!!

Dandelion Wishes

Ameena was looking forward to tonight. A night out with girls, what could be more fun? Well OK, maybe if she was going out with a real HOT guy riding in a sparkling red convertible, with her hair blowing in the wind, that might override the excitement of a girls night. She absently picked up a dandelion from the ground and made a silent wish as she blew on it. Looking at her watch, she realized she better hurry if she was going…

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If Magic was real-

If Magic was real-


If Rumple was here,
I’ll weave him a story;
In exchange for love,
I’d make him a sweet deal.

If Frankenstein came,
And Made an appearance;
I’d trade him that love-
So he knows what “to feel” means.

If Elsa were here,
I’ll steal her for a moment;
Whisper in her ears-
You’re perfect, snow queen.

If Mulan appeared
In my front, I’d trade places-
To be on the frontline,
Of what I believe in.

If magic were real,
I’d be queen of a castle-
With a Soul young at heart,
And create my happy after.

Day 4 of October Poetry Writing Month. And yup, I am way behind but still not going to quit. The prompt was: take the time to write a poem featuring magic; Have fun with it. I certainly had fun writing this, it was a nice break from dark, or heart break genres 😉 IMAGE CREDIT: 

Hands of Time

Hands of Time


If I could turn back the hands of time,
And take your place, I’ll give it all
To be the one beyond the glass,
Instead of watching your life flutter past;
Insanity wrecked It’s havoc on me,
When I realized you were lying still.
To turn back the hands of time would be wrong
For destiny’s written by The Greatest who’s sure
Although I tried to keep your head afloat,
And held your hand so you won’t let go;
But there’s only so much a rope can hold,
Before eventually, it tethers and falls;
You said you gave up, I forgot you lie,
And now here I watch the pills take your life;
And I hate to admit in the end they won,
I’m left understanding, the fact, you’re gone.

If I could turn back the time, but I can’t,
And the ifs and could-haves keep me up at night;
And I pray wherever your soul maybe,
Your nights are much better than mine.

Day 2 of October Poetry Writing Month. The prompt is “write cinematically“, unfortunately, it was a tough prompt for me and this is all I could come up with.   IMAGE CREDIT:

Flash Fiction: Blackouts (10)

Flash Fiction: Blackouts (10)


The color drained from Allison’s face as she stared unblinking at the image fixated on the screen. “Woman found drowned”– the caption read. It wasn’t as much that a woman was found dead by a couple of teens gone fishing which unbalanced her; it was the “woman” who was found. The tumbler in Allison’s hand trembled, her heart beat an irregular rhythm.

Only yesterday, she caught a glimpse of “the woman” whose name now appeared to be Anna talking to Richard Blake at the lake and now, she was dead. Allison didn’t need any special calculator to fit two plus two. Her mind was racing at a million to one, what if?

The next sound Allison heard was the thud of a fallen object. She turned to find Richard towering over her- it was his suitcase. Unaware that Allison had sighted him and Anna together, he masked his expression, appearing unnerved upon seeing Anna’s death. Allison noticed the sudden shift in expression and fear enveloped her heart. Who really is Richard Blake?

In response to Flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt writing challenge. This is the 10th part of my flash fiction series “Blackouts”. I think it’s about time we end this right? 😉 hopefully,the next couple of pictures will help me wrap things up. Thanks for sticking with me all through.

part1 part 2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7 part8 part9 

Do you think Richard Blake could go as far as to murder a person? If yes- for the motive of helping Allison or is she just a pawn in his game? And lastly- who is Anna? I’d love to hear your theories.