Flash Fiction: The anniversary

Flash Fiction: The anniversary


“You fell in love with grandma after marrying her?”
That’s right son.
“But how?” Dave was Flabbergasted.

It was our first anniversary. I arrived home as the sky turned deep red. I met Ivette sitting on the porch, wearing the most beautiful red gown with a bow ribbon on her hair and I knew she was expecting a sunset dinner with roses to top off.
             “Well, wasn’t that your plan?” Dave butted in, curious.

Don’t interrupt son. Anyway, I walked up to your grandma and produced two tickets to a weekend cruise on the Deutsch yellow ship. I was expecting a full blown tantrum and another excuse for us to fight when…
                        “But why?”

Because your grandpa was a jerk and wanted to prove arranged marriages don’t work. Anyway, I was expecting a tantrum, when Ivette surprised me. She kicked off her heels and asked,
        “how lightly should I pack?”
I knew then, she was the one, because your grandma would give up everything to avoid being on water, she was that petrified of it.

word count: 175. This is my Response to Flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. Each week, a photo is provided and you a write a 150 (+/- 25) word story based on it. Thank you Sonya for this week’s image. If you’d like to participate or simply read flash fictions, click on the highlighted link above.