Toxic Friendship-

Toxic Friendship-


They are part of a history
You wish to forget;
But You hear they say sane ones,
Don’t give up on friends;
Even when they turn toxic,
Or flames burn too bright;
When their convos deplete
Your energy and you tire.

Friends are forever
A Bond that shouldn’t die;
So you trudge through the day
While they drain out your life;
And their words sting as toxins
But you still fake a smile;
Cause “you don’t give up on friends”
So we’re taught
And thus we grow-
With the concept that toxins,
Aren’t harmful to our lives;
If we’ve known them for too long,
They can only bite.

But you’ve grown
and you’ve changed
And you write words in rhymes;
And you’ve met friends
Who’ve shown you
Your light, now you shine.
Keep them
At arms length-
The toxins of the past;
You’re not giving up
On friendship
Just taking charge of your life.

Day 3 of October Poetry Writing Month. Prompt: Free write for ten minutes about what drains you and what depletes your energy. IMAGE CREDIT: