Writers Quote: Joyce Kilmer

Writers Quote: Joyce Kilmer


They say that life is a highway,
And it’s milestones are the years;
And now and then there’s a toll gate,
Where you buy your way with tears;
It’s a rough road and a steep road,
And it stretches broad and far;
But at last it leads to a golden town,
Where golden houses are.
-Joyce Kilmer (roofs)

Ah, this little verse of Joyce Kilmer embodies a lot of my favorite things. It talks about Life, the potholes we find in between, appreciation of tears, and at long last “a happy ending”, not to forget also, it is my favorite genre, “Poetry”.

For this week’s Writers quote, I chose this poem because of all of the above reasons and also it contains a reminder that we all need to hear every once in a while- It’s not the end until you’ve made it. Until you see those golden houses signifying the end of the road, all other things are just “toll gates” which need to be crossed. Though it might not be easy, crossing and arriving at that golden town would be so worth it.

How many times have we been midway through writing a book/story and then thought “what in world am I writing”. Worst case scenario, it’s probably the story plot that’s got some loop holes and not exactly the writing skills. Saying, “I’m done with writing, I can’t write” is very easy, but going with the harder, “nah, the next story I write will definitely kick some ass”, might actually be the best decision ever.

I know it’s easier said than done, but the truth is, the more the potholes, the more bumps on the road; the brighter, shinier and more beautiful the golden houses at the end will be.