The Blame game-

The Blame game-


It reaches a point,
Where it does need to flow;
But we bottle and lock up,
Restraining it’s zone;
And life keeps hinting at us,
To go with right, the rest- ignore;
But man is picky and choosy,
we go with what we want.

We think desires and needs,
Are two colors on a bee;
And wants are part of necessities,
Which must be fulfilled;
So dusk departs while day arrives,
We find our lives at standstill;
And blame the rest of the universe,
Remaining sin-free.

The things made so easy,
Yet we burden ourselves;
Beyond means of living,
we always crave what other’s got;
And when the tears come running,
We bottle up; throw the lock;
Staying stuck in the cycle-
We blame the world,
And progress not.
Forgetting life’s tough enough,
Without the extra burdening.

Image courtesy: don’t give up