Flash Fiction: Tale of old time…

Flash Fiction: Tale of old time…


The early inhabitants of the land had a belief that twin children were an unnatural phenomenon and hence, had to be killed. They had no basis to their claims other than a ridiculous spiritual inclining. It is said, the “twin rocks” first appeared after the first set of twins were murdered and buried under the ground. The two rocks were barely small stones then.

As the atrocities of man towards twins increased, thus did the stones grow- into rocks and then ginormous mountains until the villagers feared for their safety. With religion and civilization, dawned the realization on the villagers that the act they carried out was nothing but barbaric.

Prayers were said, forgiveness was sought for, the murder was stopped and the mountains steadily dissolved into the two small stone statue we see today. It is said, the stones never returned to ground level in order to serve as a reminder and warning against such atrocities.
         But then again, this story I got from my grandmother and it might as well be a tale of old time.

word count: 178 (oops, slightly over). This story is in response to Flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge, where each week a picture is given and we are required to Write a 150 (give or take 25) word story on it.