Seeing through someone else’s eyes!

Seeing through someone else’s eyes!

#MentalHealthFriday I have never re blogged but there is always a first right?! MHF took a break and would be back next week but this is post by a dear friend of mine I couldn’t skip regarding Eating disorders. As she said, Eating Disorder is a journey and it doesn’t define a person. Please give the original page a view. 🙂

Nuggets of Gold

A week ago I wrote a post on Eating Disorders, more specifically anorexia. I was writing to bring attention to something that is very real and that more people suffer from than you may think. While I don’t suffer from it myself I have walked a close path with it this year. I would like to share a poem  that touched me deeply. A poem written by person that has  personally struggled with eating disorders. I hope you can understand a little more about it as they express their feelings. Thanks for reading and once again please, if you know someone that you suspect struggling with this,  be there for them, get them help!

I have an eating disorder. It is not had or used to. It is present tense. I am Learning. It is learning to love myself. It is learning to let others love me. It is that…

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Flash Fiction: Autumn Illusion

Flash Fiction: Autumn Illusion


“Did you see that?”
“See what?”
“Those boots, I could swear I saw them move”
“Naah, it’s just autumn illusion”
“Autumn what?! You know, just forget- it’s probably too much coffee”
“Sara, I think you’re right, I just saw it move too… Oh boy, the bush baby’s here.”
“Jackson, you’re scaring the crap out of me.”

“The bush baby! Its a hideous creature, sparing hair and only a few feet tall. It was thrown away by its parent due to its ugliness and legend says, it roams about with a pair of boot and whichever unlucky person’s feet fit into it, the bush baby claims them as their parent.”

“When did you start believing in local myth?”
“Since I saw those pair move, and I’m not ready to be a father, talk less of one to a bush baby”

“Aw, it’s probably just as you said, an autumn illusion. See- the boots look perfectly still. Jackson? Jackson!”
“Did he seriously run off?! Well you can strike out a second date now…. Bush baby, ridiculous?!”

Word count: 174 words. This story is in response to flash Fiction For aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you Very much Dawn for this week ‘s inspiring photo prompt. The rule is to write a 150 (+/- 25) word story on the given photo prompt. If you’ll to participate or self indulge in flash fiction reading, click the link above. 🙂