Some Nights…

Some Nights…


Some nights,
It all comes crashing;
The memories,
Like a wild fire,
Blowing on a cold windy night-
Sudden, lasting;
Moving in a storm like fashion-
Roaring, Unceasingly
And that,
Is the way it is-
Some nights.

And some nights-
The stars form gems in the sky,
And inside,
I swell;
A feeling-
Of Joy, words can’t describe
The effect, the memories-
Like a glowing candle
in a blackout-
Filling the crevices;
A gratitude, evolving
For the infinity
I got to know you;
And that,
Is the way it is without you-
Some nights.

And some nights,
Fire and rain collide;
Water glistening,
Under the dim light;
A fire, erupting-
On the inside,
The memories-
A battle,
Reminiscing the old times;
But the water,
Finds a way
Of dousing the flames;
In the end,
The storm’s gone-
Only calming memories,
Leading me on-
To a land of dreams.
And that-
Is really how it is,
Some nights.

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