Writers Quote: J.D.Salinger

Writers Quote: J.D.Salinger


I read Louisa May Alcott’s “Little women, good wives” a few years ago and after I was done, I felt like grappling a telephone and screaming- “couldn’t Laurie have ended up with anyone but Jo’s sister, I mean come on!”. Thank God I don’t have her number and I can save my little dignity towards other things like em, “forgiving her”.

I digress, now to the quote above, how do we know we’ve read an amazing book. It differs for all us; for me- it’s feeling a certain level of calmness after reading the last line, sighing and wishing I had written the book; that’s when I know the writer’s got me.

The first half of Khaled Housseini’s “a thousand splendid suns” got me feeling like- it’d be a great honor to write like him, heck, I actually wanted to meet him. Upon getting to the second part (and please forgive me if you are his fan), I got tired of reading it cause I felt the storyline was dragging on. And then I read “To kill a mockingbird” and J.D. salinger’s words accurately describe my feelings.

What I want to say is this, how about we aim towards exuding a similar feeling from our readers. As much we try to say, we write for ourselves, it would still be a great honor at the end of the day to have someone say “darn, I love your book” or “I wish I could write like you”. We all could do with some motivation.
Here is to writing books which make readers wish they were our friends 😉
P.S which book have you read that evoked the above quote?

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