Writer’s Quote: Silver Lining

Writer’s Quote: Silver Lining


Silver Lining– a prospect of hope or comfort in a gloomy situation, according to the free dictionary. The above quote is from the oscar nominated movie, The silver lining playbook and I chose it for this week’s writer’s quote because today is Monday and we all need all the positivity we can get.

“You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest”– this is the baseline towards success, giving it your best shot and leaving no stone unturned. Personally, I find a certain level of comfort in knowing I did the best I could. It helps me sleep better at night and I look towards the next obstacle knowing the previous door closed for reasons other than my efforts.

“And if you stay positive“- now that’s one of the hardest things. Staying positive after multiple defeats, multiple rejections is not easy. But that is what makes it worth it In the end. If there are no storms and clouds In the sky, there sure wouldn’t be a silver lining.

First things first, we’ve got to give it our best shot. If we stumble, we pick ourselves up; if we fall, we rise and wipe the dust off. Stay positive and keep on walking, trudging, and then, we’ll have our shot at a silver lining.

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